New Recycling and Trash Collection Rates

The City's Solid Waste Reduction, Diversion, and Recycling Master Plan, approved by the City Council in  2017, identified several additional programs needed order to meet the City's goal of diverting more materials from the landfill, notably expanded recycling, a food waste compost program, and construction and demolition waste recycling.

The City funds its solid waste programs through facility tip fees and through user fees charged to the residents and businesses receiving services. The City retained MSW Consultants to conduct a study of the solid waste system full cost of service and develop a five-year financial plan and rate recommendation. 

The new rates were approved by City Council on December 18, 2018, and will go into effect on April 22, 2019. 

In brief, rate changes include: 

  1. Eliminating the extra charge for multi-family recycling and expanding curbside recycling to multi-family units with 24 units or less
  2. Discounting commercial recycling and eliminating the extra charge for small commercial customers to participate in the curbside recycling program
  3. Expanding the food-waste composting pilot to full commercial food-waste composting service
  4. Expanding the commercial glass recycling pilot to full commercial glass recycling service
  5. Increasing transfer station tip fees (this is a two-tier rate: a higher rate for out-of-town customers bringing waste directly to the transfer station and a lower rate for in-town customers)
  6. No changes in service for single family residents

To view the presentation, made by MSW to City Council
on 12-18-2018, click here. (pdf)

To view the full Rate Study, click here (pdf)

Rate study cover